International Guardianship Services

Fully satisfying the UK boarding school requirements, and meeting the UKVI guidelines in keeping students safe while at school in the UK.

Why do I need a guardian?

Studying abroad is a fantastic opportunity for your child to receive a top quality British education. It is, however, essential that the well-being of your child is fully taken care of upon their arrival in the UK.

It is a requirement of all international students in the majority of UK boarding schools to have a UK-based guardian. The guardian we will provide for you is a responsible adult living in the UK who can be present during emergency situations to act for you, as a parent.

Crown International Guardians provide a complete service, one which fully satisfies UK boarding school requirements and meets UKVI guidelines for keeping students safe while at school in the UK.

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Guardianship Service Information for Parents

The most common need for a ‘professional educational guardian’ comes from those whose family is entirely resident outside the UK. In such circumstances, and where neither family nor friends live close enough to take on the role, parents may need to make use of the services of a guardianship agency.   

Crown International Guardians support each student they look after and their family by assisting them to settle comfortably into the school or college and UK life.

Guardians are the representatives of the family in the UK and may meet on parents’ behalf with the school to discuss academic, pastoral or other issues which may impact upon the educational and social needs of the student. Crown International Guardians, are separate from the school or college itself. In the potential event of a dispute between the school and the family in terms of the education delivered or received, they may remain as representatives of the family and are not compromised by a conflict of interest.

Guardians are available all year round and if needed, 24 hours a day to support students in times of emergency or need.

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Guardianship Service Information for Students

Crown International Guardians will act on your behalf when necessary in circumstances where perhaps your parents are unable to attend due to distance.

This includes general support:

  • visiting you at college to check on your happiness and academic progress, and reporting this to  parents if necessary
  • being available for you, particularly when you are worried about work, education or friendship

Also  helping you if things go wrong, for example:

  • if there are disagreements which affect your situation at college
  • needing to discuss something in your life with someone who does not work for the college
  • taking action when unexpected situations arise or in cases of emergency
  • the guardianship service also employs two college listeners who offer a confidential phone service so that you can discuss any issues that are affecting you. Guardians are available all year round and if needed, 24 hours a day to support students in times of emergency or need.
We provide a range of services that ensure our students have a secure, friendly and stable environment in which to live and study