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Crown Guardians provides a complete range of guardian services to all our clients. All you need to do is contact us and we can promptly help with any of the following:


24-hour emergency cover: Your guardian can be called upon in the case of an emergency; for example, in the unfortunate event of a student needing to go to hospital or if a student is unable to remain at their school over school at night for any reason. 

Airport transfers: We are happy to arrange airport transfers using experienced reliable drivers we know and trust.

Presence during the first week of school: A guardian will be present during the first week of the school term. The guardian will help students settle in and answer any questions they have.

Termly drop-in sessions: We understand that living away from home can be difficult and so, once a term, our guardians come into your school/college and run drop-in sessions throughout the day. This gives students the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns they are having, as well as simply having someone to listen. 

Registration with local GP: It is a legal requirement for all international students to register with the local family doctor. This is the first point of call should a student fall unwell during their time in the UK. Our guardians assist students throughout the registration process.

Registration with the local police: Every student’s safety is of paramount importance to the UK government. For this reason, it is also a legal requirement for all international students to register with the local police station. Failure to do so can result in the termination of Child Student Visas.

Arrange appointments: As part of the ongoing support to the students we take care of, we, in conjunction with the school, arrange doctors/dentist appointments as and when they are required.

Arrange UK phone/ SIM cards​​: Our guardians will assist students in finding a suitable phone SIM cards/contracts for international students studying in the UK.


Accompanied visits: When there are unforeseen circumstances where a student requires the accompaniment of the guardian, we are there to help.

Typically, this service is needed when:

  1. a student is unwell and needs to be taken to the doctor/dentist;
  2.  universities are offering open day visits;
  3. accompaniment to embassies is required if visa problems occur.  

Accommodation outside of school: The guardianship service can provide accommodation in the case of any emergencies.

Airport Transfers: Any additional airport transfers aside from the initial airport pickup included, will be billable at the following rates:

Heathrow: £90
Gatwick: £125
London City: £145
Luton: £105
Stanstead: £125

To arrange a Guardianship or to speak to one of our advisors, contact us today